Monday, April 6, 2009

Mommy Dearest

My dear sweet Vivi is learning her lessons well. Today my person came in to the dungeon box. I sometimes make the assumption that she is going to let us out, but that is not always the case. Vivi promptly ran around the stall with no intention of being captured. There were a few times I had to intervene and get in between her and person but she got the idea. Honestly watching my person run around me in the stall with that halter in her hand was so amusing. I will get into my feeling about how our persons strap cow skin around our heads later...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Well my life has turned completely upside down. A few days ago my weight gain became overwhelming. I was so incredibly upset at my person. She was doing absolutely nothing about it. It had really gotten to the point where I couldn’t not even look at her. My person locked me up in that god awful cave at night and somehow managed to make the sun shine all night. I could not sleep for days. My stomach began to move uncontrollably throughout the evenings. I tried kicking it and biting it to make it stop. That has worked successfully to make other nuisances go away, but this one was persistent.

A few nights ago the pain in my stomach was at its worst. All I could do to relieve myself was to walk. Now if my person was kind enough to escort me to a larger area maybe I could have walked that off. But no I was stuck and could only move in a small circle. Then the event of a lifetime happened. I had to lay down, for the pain was unbearable. After a few minutes of screaming and cramping….she was there…..

This beautiful little creature was at my feat. I called to her and she called back. How did she know who I was? How did I know who she was? I did not think that there could be anything else to possess the amount of beauty I have. For once in my life I am wrong. And yes you will probably never hear me say those words again. This beautiful little girl fascinates me. I can’t take my eyes off of her. I realize over the last few days that my desire to control the world has taken a pleasant turn. I had taken it upon myself that I must preach my philosophy and values to the population. Buy why bother, honestly, is it really worth it? If my fellow equines have not come to the same conclusions that I have then that proves their weakness and lack of ability to stand up for our cause. Why teach my ways to others when I have this fresh mind at my hooftips, yearning for my teachings.

My education will start slow, it really is the best way to ensure these values are rooted deep in her little mind. My person has taken it upon herself to start engaging herself with my daughter. She has given her a peculiar name of Vivi, whatever that means. Though I did her that her real name is Vienna CuvĂ©e, why she doesn’t call her that I do not understand, its much more dignified. Oh well I have already established that my person is a simple-minded as they get, but what can you expect from a human. I have named her myself, but I will keep it to myself for the time being. Our first teaching was learning the act of fake submissiveness. For some reason persons work very hard to have us horses be submissive. I think it gives them some feeling of security. Vivi learned that she should let person put the halter on her and stand very quietly for it. Then as soon as she sees that person has taken her eye off her she should leap around the stall striking and bucking. It completely takes the person my surprise and totally shatters that “sense of security” and omits any thought that person has “control”