Friday, March 20, 2009

Ahhhh...I have figured it out

Over many days of standing peacefully in my pasture contemplating on why know one understands my theory and understanding of the world I came to this realization. Due to the fact that my person keeps me in this small confined box, that let me quickly add is absolutely horrendously grotesque and is better suited for pigs, I am unable to reach the vast audience that is well deserved of my teachings and philosophy. Then it came to me….telepathy. I have found that there are moments within a day where my person is doing nothing more then endlessly clicking on that light box thing that contains images of tiny horses and boring words. I noticed one day that she does not use this light box thing alone, for other horses persons look at this too. I also soon came to realize that some of the horses I occasionally mingle with generally agree with their person and follow them like cowards. Maybe my teachings are going upon deaf ears with them and it’s really the persons I should be working on. So while my person is unfocused at what she is really suppose to be doing I found that I can temporarily tap into her weak primitive mind and have her display my teachings on her light box to display to all the other horse persons in the world.

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